Our Journey

Our Journey into the gluten free, grain free and AIP (auto-immune protocol) lifestyle began in 2009 after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an auto immune disease that attacks the thyroid gland. After many years and many failed attempts to feel better with the traditional protocol from doctor after doctor, I reached into the realm of alternative medicine as a last ditch effort to find some relief from my multitude of symptoms. I had recently started on a gluten free diet after the suggestion of one doctor and I saw some good improvements in symptoms and a total reversal of some symptoms completely, but I was still struggling with some debilitating symptoms that made it hard to work and maintain a normal, active life.

Through countless hours of online research, I found a functional medicine doctor specializing in grain free lifestyles. He helped me transform my health through the power of nutrition and supplements. Like most people, I was overwhelmed at first when I embarked on a grain free/Paleo diet and had to learn slowly a whole new way of thinking about food—a whole new way of eating and cooking. But shortly after embarking on a grain/ Paleo diet, I saw an even greater reduction in my symptoms and had more energy to get back into living my life. Little by little, and with the help of my husband’s extensive culinary education and background, we were able to learn to cook grain free/Paleo and turn our favorite foods into delicious and healthy Paleo versions that even our family and friends love and crave!

As my gut started to heal, I was able to determine what foods did and did not work well for me and I transitioned into an AIP lifestyle. Following this AIP path, I was able to lower my thyroid antibodies down to normal levels and put the Hashimoto’s into remission. However, although my body was healing, I felt very isolated and struggled with the fact that I could not go out to eat or get takeouts on nights when we just didn’t feel like cooking without the risk of jeopardizing all the hard work I was doing to heal my body through nutrition. Every menu in my neighborhood was full of non-organic produce, non-grassfed meats and dairy, and very little gluten free options and even less grain free options. Out of this frustration and the realization of how many people out there also feel the same way, our passion to bring healthier foods into our catering menus was born!

Because of this journey we had to take to heal my body, we are committed to using quality ingredients and are constantly replacing ingredients in our kitchen with a more healthy and nutritious version.

We are committed to only use organic fruits and vegetables in every single one of our dishes.

We are committed to using Wild Salmon only.

We are committed to offering more and more options like organic chicken, pasture raised eggs, grassfed meats and dairy and locally sourced ingredients.

We are committed to offering catering menus for any lifestyle, from gluten free, to Paleo, to vegetarian to vegan.

I can’t count the number of social events over the years that I have had to carry my own lunchbox with safe, healthy foods to eat because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat any of the food at the event– we know how embarrassing, frustrating and tiring this can be! So we created a Lifestyles Catering Planning Guide to help people who need a more specialized approach to picking a healthy menu for their unique situation. If you need a special diet request that you don’t see in the Lifestyles Catering Planning Guide, just ask! We can usually accommodate most allergies or special diets. I have always believed that the body has the power to heal itself and I have learned that good nutrition is key to healing. Eating clean, real, whole foods is what we are passionate about and we are so excited to share this passion with you in our catering services!


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