About Us

We are passionate about serving organic, nutritious, and quality foods! To learn a little more about why we feel this way, take a peek at our journey.

Meet Nora:

Co-Owner & Office Manager

Nora is our patient, organized and lovably neurotic Taurus office manager. She enjoys eating foods cooked by Chef Rick, any kind of theme party, the “paleo” lifestyle, and you can often find her scouring the shelves of HomeGoods looking for that perfect finishing touch for her latest project. A honors graduate of UC Davis with a B.S. in Human Development, Nora spent many years working as a waitress to put herself through college and then her teaching credential program, after which she spent 5 years teaching kindergarten before embarking on her journey with Lantern Catering.

Meet Rick:

Co-Owner & Executive Chef

Rick is our quirky, hardworking Capricorn Executive Chef. He enjoys listening to classic Rock, fishing, working on hot rods and you can often find him browsing through French cookbooks in his spare time.
A graduate of Johnson and Wales University with a B.A. in Culinary Arts, Rick worked diligently through many acclaimed restaurants (The Gatehouse, Blackstone Caterers, The French Laundry) to soak up all the culinary wisdom he could before embarking on his own journey with Lantern Catering.